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Case Study

HBOT helps BBC cameraman give pain the elbow

Caleb Swinney, a 21 year old professional BBC cameraman and budding guitarist, suffered a complex posterior elbow dislocation and fracture of the radial head. This required corrective surgery to secure the break and re-attach loose ligaments. The injury left him unable to work during his rehabilitation and threatened future movement of his elbow.

Caleb contacted The Oxygen Clinic in the hope that they could help speed up his recovery time, as his father had previously been treated at the clinic.  The Oxygen Clinic advised Caleb that he should have three hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) sessions over two weeks, each lasting between one and two hours.

After the first HBOT session, Caleb began to notice a significant increase in the movement of his elbow which continued to improve throughout his treatment.

By the end of his third session, Caleb could move his elbow much more freely. He saw a vast improvement in his extension, flexion, pronation and supination, and the incision in his arm from surgery had healed incredibly quickly.

At his post-surgery assessment, Caleb’s surgeon was surprised with how well the injury was healing and impressed with the range of movement and strength of his elbow. Typical radial head fractures heal in 6-8 weeks but the surgeon was happy for Caleb to return to work much sooner than he had first predicted.


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The fact that I was able to return  to work much earlier than I was originally told is testament to the hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment that The Oxygen Clinic administered and I would sincerely like to thank him for their expertise.

Without the treatment I wouldn’t have been able to return to work just three weeks after having surgery, and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to start playing my guitar again with no pain or limitations.

Thanks again to the team at The Oxygen Clinic for your expertise and treatment!

Caleb Swinney

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