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Case Study

HBOT helps cancer sufferer through chemotherapy

Ruth was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, with at least three abnormal lymph nodes. Doctors recommended she was referred for pre-surgery chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.

When Ruth first started her chemotherapy, she began to experience nausea, fatigue and found it difficult to focus or engage in conversation. She also had trouble sleeping due to increased feelings of anxiety, and began taking sleeping pills to help her rest properly.

During days four to eight of her chemotherapy treatment cycle, Ruth reported her thoughts became fractured and her head was extremely foggy and clouded.

The chemotherapy also damaged the veins in Ruth’s right arm and she began struggling to use it. During her fourth cycle of chemotherapy, doctors changed the drugs Ruth was taking. The new medication made her fingers begin to throb and feel stiff. She found putting any pressure on her fingertips painful, meaning simple tasks like doing up buttons and using a knife were extremely difficult for her.

Ruth initially looked into hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to help oxygenise her body and reduce inflammation caused by her chemotherapy. She is a patient of The Oxygen Clinic and ever since her first HBOT session, she has started to experience a number of positive changes:

  • HBOT helps her to relax and clears her head, meaning she has more energy and focus throughout the day and she no longer has to take sleeping pills. The therapy sessions help to calm her and she now regularly sleeps through the night.
  • Prior to HBOT, Ruth’s periods had stopped entirely due to her chemotherapy but when she began HBOT, her periods returned to her usual five day show.
  • The pain Ruth had felt in her arm improved after just one session. She began to use it without thinking and her movement has continued to improve to the point where it is no longer an issue to her. Similarly, after just one therapy session, Ruth felt less pain in her fingers and has started to use them like normal again.

Ruth has seen a great overall improvement in the side effects of her chemotherapy since she began HBOT.

Ruth said: “On the whole I cannot express my gratitude to the clinic for helping me at this challenging time. Without HBOT I would be finding this experience far more distressing.

“Initially I was seeking HBOT to help oxygenise my body and to reduce inflammation. I never expected such physical, noticeable improvements. I can only imagine what wonderful transformations are going on inside my body.

“HBOT has become a crucial part of my treatment and I thank my lucky stars for the team at The Oxygen Clinic!”

Ruth’s latest scan showed that no signs of cancer are present in her breasts or lymph nodes. – fantastic news!


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Initially I was seeking HBOT to help oxygenise my body and to reduce inflammation. I never expected such physical, noticeable improvements. I can only imagine what wonderful transformations are going on inside my body.

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