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Case Study

Local marathon runner breathes easy thanks to HBOT

Ellan Iaquaniello, a 43 year old long-distance runner from Ditton, turned to The Oxygen Clinic in the hope that Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) would help her recovery following intense running sessions and long-distance events.

Ellan has taken part in more than 100 marathons in the last four years, including the Brathay 10in10 (which challenges runners to run 10 marathons in  as many days), long-distance events and cross country runs. She heard about The Oxygen Clinic through her running group, Larkfield Athletics Club and contacted The Oxygen Clinic to see what the treatment could do for her.

Following a consultation with The Oxygen Clinic, Ellan started using HBOT in May 2015, having one session a week for three months. Although she didn’t have a specific injury, she started treatment to see if it would speed up recovery time and boost her ability to continue participating in multi-day events.

Ellan began to feel the benefits of oxygen therapy after just a few sessions. Indeed, HBOT helped her to feel ‘topped up’ and ‘re-energised’. The positive changes she felt in her body have led her to view it as an ongoing treatment that will continue to help her improve her recovery time.

Commenting on Ellan’s treatment, The Oxygen Clinic said: “Ellan is a great example of the dramatic benefits HBOT can deliver in improving recovery and resilience to injury after strenuous exercise such as marathons and triathlons. Her recovery time was reduced by 70%  as a result of using HBOT.”


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HBOT has had a significant impact on my recovery time, allowing me to return to multi-day marathons and events feeling 100%, compared to the usual fatigue I felt without HBOT. It really has had a unique effect on my ability to continue with long distance running.

I would not have been able to achieve what I have so far without HBOT to aid my recovery; it’s an essential treatment to ensure I stay injury free.

The team at The Oxygen Clinic are unsung heroes for bringing such a valuable treatment to Kent.

Ellan Iaquaniello

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