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Shelley Page

My Diary

After my first session, I slept deeply and well – on waking pain was clearly less than usual. I am usually desperate for pain relief on waking. I managed to do an hours cleaning! Swelling is clearly less around the operation site and one for the ladies……my eyes are brighter and I’m convinced my skin looks so much better this morning. (I am very vain so this pleases me no end!)

After my second session, I found a marked lessening of pain in my post-op knee. Again, I was extremely rested and found I had more energy. Everyone I meet tells me I am looking amazing – bright eyed and clear skin!!

I am much thirstier, so drink loads more water than is normal for me so am benefitting from this extra hydration, detox etc.

My knee is a lot ‘easier.’

The scar looks amazing.  A marked improvement in the swelling around knee.

Instead of taking 2 x 50ml Tramadol in the morning, I only took one and then one at 5:00pm; after working all day, standing cooking in a busy pub kitchen.

I am feeling well enough to travel to my favourite place in the world, Old Town, Casco Antigua. Getting very excited!

As we used to live here, I have lots of friends who I have been catching up with. Everyone is astounded to hear that I am just five weeks post op. Lots of compliments on how well I look and how lovely it is to see me walking pain without pain! I am enjoying walking! I can explore our old haunts, comfortably on foot, which is something I haven’t been able to do for ten years due to my knee.

Heading to The Oxygen Clinic for HBOT this morning. After returning from my trip to Spain on Friday, I was straight back to 15 hour days at my pub over this last weekend. Brilliant it’s so busy but very tired and achy.

Up with the larks – cleaning, prep, HBOT – energy restored. I think I’m, going to have a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in my spare bedroom!

I feel back up to speed – I have no chef and only part-time help in the kitchen but I’m managing quite easily. My energy levels are fab, my knee pain is only there at the end of some very long days working and the scar is now beautiful! Despite tons of stress due to work and staff issues, I am dealing with it all very well. This is not my default position as I’m very stressed and anxious normally.

I feel great and even think I look great. Modest I know!! HBOT early today, as I have lots to do. Just realised, a bad burn on my forearm from a week ago, has completely cleared up. A bit magic? A bit spooky? Usually at least 3 or 4 weeks to clear something like that.

I took a bit of a tumble last night – missed a step in the garden – plop on my backside with quite a bump. Expected not to be able to move today but although I feel a bit slower, I’m up and about ready for the Sunday lunch sitting.

Sunday night. It was a long weekend but my new energy levels keep me going. Feels like a breeze. My back is a bit sore from last night’s fall.….so, looking forward to HBOT in the morning!

The care, kindness and holistic approach of the staff at the clinic is a big part of the therapy for me. They are never rushed and always take lengths to make sure I am comfortable and warm and listen to any concerns I might have.

I am ready to further reduce the pain killers I was prescribed after the op. On the road to full recovery! I feel so much better and regular customers in my pub keep complimenting me, saying I look so well. I have lost weight as I am now able to walk so much more freely, after all the years of being restricted by my knee. This stuff is amazing if you are vain as well as ill!!!

I would like to thank the people who I have met at The Oxygen Clinic. My visits have been a light in my storm. The sun is shining brightly now. My video of my experience of the therapy is posted on The Oxygen Clinic website. The typed word didn’t seem enough, so hopefully you will have a minute to listen to my story.


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I must admit, when I embarked on this course of HBOT, I did feel a bit sceptical about any benefits I might feel. The level of pain I was experiencing and the struggle to function in my home and work environment, coupled with the necessity to return to work, as the Landlady of a thriving, busy pub; all mounted up and persuaded me to try the therapy. I started my sessions around three or four weeks after my operation, hopeful for a reduction in the inflammation around the operation site. Anxious for a release from the pain I was feeling at the time. I decided to keep a diary, to help me focus on any differences I might feel during the therapy. Now, a month later, I want to share my story; in case it is of interest to other people who might be considering HBOT.

Shelley Page

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