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Oxygen therapy helps cancer sufferer through chemo

Ruth - The Oxygen ClinicThe Oxygen Clinic in Paddock Wood, Kent, has successfully helped cancer sufferer, Ruth Hughes, through her chemotherapy treatment.

Ruth was diagnosed with aggressive triple- negative breast cancer and was referred for pre-surgery chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. She found the chemotherapy treatment challenging, regularly experiencing side effects including nausea and fatigue. In addition Ruth struggled to sleep due to increased feelings of anxiety.

The chemotherapy also damaged the veins in Ruth’s right arm and she began struggling to use it. The medication she was put on made her fingers throb and feel stiff, meaning simple tasks like doing up buttons or using a knife were more difficult for her.

From her first hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) session Ruth began to experience a number of positive changes including feeling more relaxed and sleeping more easily. She also reported that she felt less pain in her arm and fingers and was able to use them like normal again.

Ruth said: “Initially I was seeking HBOT to help oxygenise my body and reduce inflammation. I never expected such noticeable and profound physical improvements. I can only imagine what wonderful transformations are going on inside my body.

“Words cannot express my gratitude to The Oxygen Clinic for helping me through such a challenging time. Without HBOT I would have found the experience far more painful and distressing.”

The Oxygen Clinic offers HBOT, a treatment that gives patients access to individual chambers filled with 100 per cent pure oxygen at high pressures. This causes large amounts of oxygen to be dissolved into patients’ blood and tissues, penetrating areas of the body that oxygen-carrying red blood cells cannot reach.

The increased oxygen levels in the tissues stimulate healing processes including the growth of new blood vessels, the migration of white blood cells to fight infection and the boost of fibroblasts, which manufacture new tissue.

Jodie Clarke, Clinic Director, said: “HBOT can be a particularly effective treatment for cancer when used in conjunction with chemotherapy. During radiation therapy, blood cells and vessels are often damaged, causing less oxygenated blood to be supplied to damaged areas of the body. HBOT works by increasing the oxygen supply to damaged tissues, helping new blood vessels to grow. The therapy increases the rate of healing for damaged tissues, reduces inflammation and swelling and improves the effectiveness of the body’s immune system to fight infection. We’re really pleased with the results of Ruth’s treatment and recovery, and we hope other cancer sufferers will consider the benefits of HBOT.”

The Oxygen Clinic is located in Paddock Wood, Kent, easily accessible from the M20, but in a private location so discretion is assured.

For more information and to book a free initial consultation please visit www.theoxygenclinic.co.uk, call 0330 016 1000 or email info@theoxygenclinic.co.uk

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