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The Oxygen Clinic Makes Ashford Rugby Club Alliance

The Oxygen Clinic and Ashford RFCA high-tech health clinic will now treat injured flankers, forwards and fly-halves after forging a new link with Ashford Rugby Club.

The Oxygen Clinic, which provides patients with state-of-the-art Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT), will provide the Club’s players with a number of free sessions, helping them get back to full fitness in record time.

The treatments give patients access to individual chambers that are filled with 100 per cent oxygen in high pressure atmospheres, a combination that causes large amounts of oxygen to be dissolved into the patients’ blood and tissues.

This dissolved oxygen penetrates areas of the body that oxygen-carrying red blood cells cannot reach, revitalising tissues that receive poor blood flow.

Colin Griffin, Managing Director of the Oxygen Clinic, said: “The Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is fantastic and can reduce recovery time dramatically and we’re delighted to support Ashford Rugby Club in this way. HBOT can make a major difference in a number of medical conditions, increasing the rate of healing in wounds, accelerating the rate of bone healing in fractures, treating pulled muscles and sprained ankles and reducing pain levels.

“We are really pleased to support Ashford and use HBOT to help the players. The treatment can have amazing results and we just want to see as many people benefit as possible. We recently treated a young professional footballer with damaged lateral ligaments, which would normally take 16 weeks to recover but with HBOT he was back playing in just three weeks.”

The Oxygen Clinic is based at the Hop Farm in Paddock Wood and has signed up to support Ashford throughout the current season and into next season.

John Norman, Chairman of Ashford Rugby Club, said: “As everyone has witnessed during the current World Cup, rugby is an attritional sport and players do get injured. At Ashford we have a relatively small first team squad, so anything that will help get our injured players back on the pitch quicker is really welcomed.

“The Oxygen Clinic’s support could have a profound impact on our season.”

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