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Oxygen For Sports

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is widely used by elite sports stars to help boost their endurance and recovery, and improve their resilience to injury and exhaustion. At The Oxygen Clinic, we treat patients from a range of sporting backgrounds, from professional footballers to amateur long-distance runners.

The increased levels of oxygen help the body to recover from strenuous activity, improving recovery from a range of sports-related conditions, including musculoskeletal injury, ligament and cartilage damage, and even bone fractures.

The concentration of oxygen and increased pressure causes high levels of oxygen to be dissolved into the blood tissue which stimulates the recovery process, especially in places that receive poor blood flow. This along with the increase of collagen growth, necessary for repair and development, makes HBOT an invaluable resource for athletes.

At The Oxygen Clinic, HBOT is now available to professional and amateur sportspeople at affordable prices. If you’re keen to improve your athletic performance, or if you’re looking to recover from a sporting injury, talk to The Oxygen Clinic today to see how HBOT can help.

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