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Oxygen For Wellness

Oxygen is essential for our health and wellness. The Oxygen Clinic provides HBOT to a variety of customers who are not suffering from any medical condition, but who use regular sessions to boost the level of oxygen in their body.

Customers report feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Benefits include boosted energy levels, increased endurance during exercise and an improved ability to recover from physical exertion. Many of our clients also experience increased concentration as a result of improved oxygen supply to the brain, and some find that HBOT helps them to relax, reduce their stress levels, or sleep soundly.

We have also treated a number of patients suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy treatment. Symptoms have included pain in their fingers and difficulties sleeping or concentrating. HBOT therapy has helped several patients to overcome these side effects, improving their quality of life by reducing their levels of pain and helping them to relax and return to a normal sleep pattern.

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